The seat MRI sees more
New approaches to diagnostics in a truly open system.


Tracking down the hidden pain

The hidden pain

Many patients suffer from complaints, but the cause simply cannot be found. Especially in the areas of the head & back, joints & spine, a diagnosis may be difficult. For the person affected, this is an unbearable condition.

No “tunnel vision”:
The sitting MRI sees more

Hidden causes of pain finally become visible. Why? Because the sitting MRI, also called upright MRI, enables examination under natural weight bearing and thus provides new starting points for diagnosis and later therapy.

No more tunnel vision: the upright MRI sees more
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Truly open construction

The special feature of this MRI scanner is that you have a clear view out of the system during the examination and can look at a large TV monitor …

Natural weight bearing

The Upright MRI is the only system that allows MRI examinations in which weight-bearing joints (e.g. the knee or hip joints) can be examined in different postures…

Better diagnosis through individual attitude

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