7 reasons why open MRI is better than MRI in the tube

#1 You don’t need to be afraid any more!

Palpitations, panic before an MRI examination? The open MRI does without the constricting MRI tube, because the nuclear magnetic fields are arranged differently here. You can enter the fully open sitting MRI yourself and be examined while sitting or standing. Additionally reassuring: an accompanying person of your choice can stay in the same room with you. People with “claustrophobia” accept this new open MRI.

#2 You can watch your favourite series on TV!

During the examination in the open MRI, you can distract yourself nicely with the latest news, TV or DVD on the TV. While the MRI images of your pain zone are taken while you are sitting or standing, you look freely out of the device onto a large monitor that shows you your desired programme. Unlike other MRI systems, the open MRI works quite quietly.

#3 It is much quieter!

In contrast to the tube MRI with its loud knocking and hammering, the open MRI works much more quietly. Wearing headphones is usually not necessary. You therefore have an unrestricted view out of the system in this open MRI with pleasant brightness and volume.

No more claustrophobia thanks to the completely open MRI!
In the tunnel system you disappear completely into a narrow tube!
In the sandwich system you have very limited space and hardly any view to the outside!

#4 Quickly get a clear diagnosis for unexplained pain!

For several months now, no doctor, no X-ray or MRI image can find a cause for your back pain? Do you suffer most when you sit or bend forward? In an open MRI, exactly the position in which you have pain can be examined using magnetic resonance imaging. In this way, the spine specialists quickly find the cause of your pain: under the normal weight load when sitting or standing, a much higher weight pressure acts on the vertebrae, intervertebral discs and nerves, which can cause completely different pain than when lying down. Therefore, the images taken by the open MRI while sitting are much more revealing for pain in the back.

#5 You can take a trusted person with you in the open MRI!

Do you want to bring a companion with you to the MRI examination? With the open MRI system this is possible without any problems. The person you trust can accompany you to the room where the open MRI is located. Because MRI does not use X-rays, unlike X-rays or CT, it is also safe for your accompanying person. They can even hold your hand. Especially when examining small children, this is a nice way to prevent anxiety.

#6 Examinations possible in any body position!

Whether standing or sitting, lying down or in functional positions – with the new open MRI, comprehensive examinations are possible in various body positions. Especially in the case of aching witch guard or painful joints, e.g. the knee or ankle, this is a great advantage in contrast to the conventional MRI in lying position. The extent of the change, e.g. in the case of a slipped disc, is thus realistically recorded. With these better findings, your spine specialists can also much better recommend a curative therapy for you.

#7 Open MRI is also suitable for patients with metal implants!

Patients who have undergone surgery, in which metal implants are often inserted to stabilise the bones, the joint or the spine, have only been able to be examined to a limited extent up to now. This is different with the open upright MRI. Thanks to special sequences, the upright MRI can produce artefact-free images even when metal implants are inserted.

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